Potholes and Quality of Maintenance

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It is inevitable that the quality of the roads that you travel over will influence your personal standards. What goes and what not.

The same is of course true for other areas in life. Back in the days of the nuclear race it was called brainwashing. If you encounter something often enough it becomes acceptable.

What does this have to do with maintenance? I think everything. Our standards are being turned on its head. In this case (potholes) I catch myself that I am slowly starting to accept that the roads over which we travelled are riddled with these ugly pockmarks.

When you then come into your own maintenance situation, it is much more easy to accept slipping standards. When I do maintenance audits, it is clear that we are retrogressing into the pit of third world maintenance. And that is a bottomless pit out of which it will be very difficult to lift ourselves.

But this will not do. We need to be very serious about retaining a professional approach in the maintenance profession. The fact that we are living in a situation that tends to undermine our personal standards must not be allowed to let us drop our maintenance standards. This is a tough call, but then: Africa is not a place for sissies!

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Happy Maintaining!

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