Maintenance a growing business

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Maintenance is indeed one of the fastest growing businesses on the planet. The reason for this is very simple. As technology grows, it also brings about new ways in which failure occurs. And thus maintainers have to keep abreast of new ways to curb failure.

Unfortunately this simple fact is often not understood by the bosses. Artisans are thus not sent for retraining when new technology is introduced. This, amongst others, leads to the present lack of properly skilled maintenance workers in the market.

To make sure that your production equipment serve you well, quite a number of skills must be mastered by maintenance personnel. These skills include:

  • An Engineering understanding of the phenomenon of failure;
  • The ability to decide on the correct preventive strategies; and
  • The ability to permanently rid the organisation of costly failures.

For this it is essential to develop a depth of expertise in the organisation. Such depth of knowledge involves:

  • Firstly that artisans should know how to perform all the tasks necessary to maintain equipment.
  • Secondly, that supervisors should understand how different failures on the equipment interrelate.
  • Thirdly, engineers should understand the interrelationship beteen the various pieces of equipment, with the objective to guide the maintenance workforce masterly.

It is hence vital to build a stable maintenance workforce. The members of this workforce must understand the business' failures well, and should be equipped to deal with those failures effectively. Not many businesses of our day can be numbered in that league! One of the main forces working against this ideal is the fact that maintenance workers are seen as easy to replace. This is evidently not so, as the discussion above makes clear. A low level of development of these workers also leads to a maintenance organisation that does not perform as it should. Retention of such trained artisans is the third limiting factor.

Keep up the good work!

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